Staff Pick: Stepdad at Carabar

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

Eighties nostalgia is out and '90s nostalgia is way in, but any decade will do when the songs are strong and the musicians play like they mean it. And despite visual imagery that goes out of its way to suggest otherwise, Stepdad seems genuinely invested in their silly synth singalongs. How else could the Grand Rapids trio concoct such gloriously infectious music?

Every element here seems designed to elicit pure populist joy, from the surging rhythmic undercurrents to the gleeful melodies that bounce around each track like kids in a ball pit. Their "Ordinaire" EP is stacked from front to back. If it's a joke, I'll gladly laugh along.

Locals Way Yes and This Is My Suitcase will play as well Tuesday at Carabar.


10 p.m. Tuesday, March 8


115 Parsons Ave., Olde Towne East