T-Pain at Mansion

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

T-Pain is rightly credited for overt Auto-Tune's rise in pop music, which may make him persona non grata among a certain class of music fans who value artistic purity over technological crutches, whatever that means.

Sure, much of his output will probably sound incredibly dated someday - some of it already does - but there's little doubt T-Pain's cyborg warble is exactly the way he wants to represent himself. In that sense, he's as real as it gets.

Furthermore, he's the Picasso of the medium. Nobody rocks those electronic trills with such charisma, though many have tried. But we can't hold him responsible for his less palatable imitators any more than we can hold Eddie Vedder responsible for Nickelback.

And if T-Pain wasn't in on the joke, surely he wouldn't have gone along with The Lonely Island's spot-on satire "I'm On a Boat." The man is fully aware of his ridiculousness, and he loves to indulge it.

He continues to do so in the twilight of a radio zeitgeist that once saw him sing on four Top-10 singles that were on the charts simultaneously. He'll rock The Mansion on Saturday with DJ Matt Sexton.


10 p.m. Saturday, March 5

The Mansion

87 W. Main St., Downtown