Local music: Hotel War

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

The evolution of Hotel War continues.

The Columbus combo will release its latest and greatest EP, "Rebels Out of Time," Saturday at Skully's alongside Burglar and Strangers in Daylight. And while the five-song platter bears vestiges of the Black Keys-inspired blues-rock of yore, it also finds Hotel War branching out.

Frontman Curtis Apwisch unfurls a Southern snarl throughout. Riff-rockers "Wild Amazing," "Get Up" and "45" are swaggering and aggressive enough to play like the spawn of Ozzy Osbourne and Kings of Leon.

They shift gears significantly for "Milwaukee," which may as well be an Interpol song. "Take It All" would have made a great closer, a classic "victory lap" tune, but it's strangely stashed in the middle.

Sequencing is only a minor concern, though, when your band is improving by leaps and bounds.

Hotel War

10 p.m. Saturday, March 12


1151 N. High St., Short North