Staff Pick: Puffy Areolas at Cafe Bourbon Street

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Columbus Alive

Puffy Areolas hails from Toledo, but the band is so entrenched in Columbus that its members might as well move here. They even have a song named after The Unholy Two's grand wizard, Chris Lutzko.

The bands, both of which will play Saturday at Bourbon Street, burrow deep into the decrepit underbelly of hardcore, noise and the AmRep/Touch & Go catalog. But while Lutzko unfurls gnarly power-chord chunks and barks out lyrics like an S.S. officer with a megaphone, the Puffys' terrifying screeds are slightly more melodic and a couple notches up the psychedelic spectrum. They sound more like the people Lutzko is busy torturing.

Outer Spacist and Professional Wrestling complete Saturday's lineup.

Puffy Areolas

10 p.m. Saturday, April 2

Cafe Bourbon Street

2216 Summit St., Campus