All Time Low at the LC

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

Thanks to "The Wire," Baltimore has a reputation as a grimy town. Furthermore, the city's rich history of club music and recent indie success stories such as Dan Deacon, Beach House and Ponytail have positioned B-more as a haven for creative weirdos.

But like any metropolis, Baltimore also breeds radio-friendly pop-punk bands, including the immensely popular All Time Low. This band has always sounded slick, but judging from early single "I Feel Like Dancin'," their upcoming Interscope debut "Dirty Work" is a full-on Fall Out Boy leap for the kind of superstardom only suburban allowance dollars can buy.

Yellowcard, Hey Monday and The Summer Set will join them Sunday at the LC.

Get low:

LC Pavilion

6 p.m. Sunday May 1

405 Neil Ave., Arena District