The Limousines at The Basement

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

Oh, the irony: San Francisco-based electro-pop duo The Limousines became moderately well-known after their music video for "Internet Killed the Video Star" received play on MTV.

It's no shocker that the keyboard-centric group caught the channel's attention, though. Their songs are just as catchy and well-crafted as Gaga's, but their lyrics are smarter and more self-aware than what you'll hear on pop radio. Not just anyone can use the old spiritual "Nobody Knows the Trouble I've Seen" as a basis for an indietronica masterpiece.

The Limousines and locals Alert New London will have the crowd moving Sunday at The Basement, so don't forget your dancing shoes.

Catch a ride:

The Basement

6 p.m. Sunday, May 29

391 Neil St., Arena District