Locals: Yellow Light Maybe

Chris Deville, The Columbus Dispatch

Most college party bands never make it past playing covers on campus. This weekend, Yellow Light Maybe will release a full-length album of original material.

"Bring the Band Back" comes on the heels of three previous EPs, a discography that tracks the band's progression from the street fests of Athens to the bars of Columbus.

Along the way, the quartet has been vigilant about taking their radio-ready rock on the road, even if that means dusting off the old cover sets to get their foot in the door. They've scattered seeds in far-flung metropolises and small-town Ohio alike.

"We have a ridiculously legitimate draw in Chillicothe," singer-guitarist Brian Day said. "You never waste an opportunity to get fans."

Accumulating an audience has never been a problem for Yellow Light Maybe, nor was importing their core fan base up the road from Ohio University.

"The transition from Athens to up here was almost linear," guitarist Kenneth Lutze said. "We kind of moved with our audience. A lot of our friends and fans were relocating here, so it just sort of organically happened that we started drawing up here when we used to be drawing in Athens."

Despite the fervent fan base - their last CD release show drew 300 people, and one bartender at The Treehouse noted that the band always packed that bar with attractive women - they still have a lot of growing to do. Drummer PJ Schreiner wants Yellow Light Maybe to develop the instant name recognition of a media-saturated band like Phantods.

"I don't feel like we're established here," he said. "Maybe that's a good thing. Maybe we still have everything in front of us to look forward to."

Photo by Alysia Burton


9 p.m. Saturday, Sept. 10

1151 N. High St., Short North