No way! Yes way! Lefse Records signs Way Yes

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

Sacramento, California, label Lefse has signed Columbus band Way Yes and will release their 7-inch, "Oranjudio", on Oct. 18. Lefse is also home to Neon Indian, Woodsman, Low Sea, Keepaway and Tape Deck Mountain, among others. The delightful cover for "Oranjudio" is pictured above. Lefse promises sounds from the release soon.

Alive named Way Yes a Band to Watch earlier this year. See them Oct. 7 at Alive's Rocktoberfest show at the Bluestone. The lineup at the free show also includes The Floorwalkers, Freaky Franz, Lo-Pan, The Wet Darlings, The Town Monster and a DJ set by Cornelius Jackson. Did we mention Nina West is our emcee and special guest? See you there.