Preview: Skrillex at the LC

Chris Deville, The Columbus Dispatch

Could the defining sound of this generation be a bassy, distorted "womp womp womp"? It's certainly looking that way, considering the rapid rise of dubstep and what Spin calls "the new rave generation."

The electronica revolution widely predicted in 1997 is finally taking hold for real, and nobody embodies it better than Spin's cover boy, Skrillex, a former screamo frontman in nerd glasses who refashioned himself as a rock-star DJ after his vocal cords gave out.

Skrillex's Mothership Tour arrives Wednesday at the LC, replete with a light show as gratuitous as the jock-jam synths that sweeten his bro-friendly hybrid festival anthems. It's glorious; it's garish; it is not ashamed. The Prodigy, this is what you've wrought.

LC Pavilion

Wednesday, Nov. 9

405 Neil Ave., Arena District