Local music: Sick Thrills

Chris DeVille, Columbus Alive

Were the Columbus music scene on trial for incest, Sick Thrills would be Exhibit A.

The debauched five-man squall shares an overlapping rock resume fit for convoluted Venn diagrams and dysfunctional punk-rock family reunions. Though they aligned under this name about five years ago, they've been rocking in concentric circles for nearly two decades.

Their combined band list is distinguished among the dingy: Bob City, Greenlawn Abbey, The Jeffs, Savage Pinkos, Hookers Made Out of Cocaine, Dead Indians. It goes on.

For God's sake, three separate people involved in releasing debut "No Fashion" have played bass for Grafton - guitarists Donovan Roth and Will Pugh plus Chris Burney (The Sun, Dead Indians), who's releasing "No Fashion" on his Eastern Watts label.

Those recordings lay dormant for about two years before Burney heard them, wondered aloud why Sick Thrills faded out of activity and offered to press up some records. Thus, after a year-plus hiatus to focus on other projects, Sick Thrills are back, with a record release show Friday at Carabar and touring plans gestating.

"No Fashion" is a fitting document: 10 songs in 13 minutes, all squeezed onto a single 7-inch record. Titles like "Drugz" and "F--- Force 5" are indicative of the belligerent blur therein.

When Roth and singer Jon Slak conceived Sick Thrills in a series of drunken sessions at Cafe Bourbon Street, brevity was job one. Drummer Josh McGregor, bassist Tony Norris and former guitarist Steve Wermke (now tending to familial duties) were happy to comply.

"Everybody has a short attention span, and if you're going to watch a show, about 15 minutes into it you're going to smoke a cigarette or go to the bar or start talking to somebody," Roth said. "So we wanted to just steal that 15 minutes of your attention and then get the f--- off the stage."


10 p.m. Friday, Nov. 18

115 Parsons Ave., Olde Towne East