Preview: Chip Tha Ripper at the LC

Chris DeVille, Columbus Alive

For a guy named after a serial killer, Chip Tha Ripper sounds mighty laid-back. Like his Cleveland cohort Kid Cudi, Chip raps in a cotton-mouthed mumble that suggests he just woke up (or just toked up, considering his affiliation with Cudi and predilection to "Light One Up").

On "Gift Raps," his latest mixtape produced by The Cool Kids' Chuck Inglish, he continues to play the part of rap's coolest, most confident personality vacuum. Chip keeps it so chill that he barely seems to have a pulse; such coldness presumably makes him an appropriate headliner for an event called Ice Fest 2, which also features Kid Ink, DJ-EV, Ice Possible, Iphonic, The Forties, Ky'Ly'ntae and J Doze this Friday at LC Pavilion.

LC Pavilion

6:30 p.m. Friday, Nov. 18

405 Neil Ave., Arena District