Local music: Ease the Medic

Chris DeVille, Columbus Alive

If classified ads seem like a risky way to attract bedmates, imagine the hazards of recruiting bandmates that way. One love connection is tough enough to forge without having to build the equivalent of an entire family.

Against those odds, Ease the Medic clicked. The secret to the Columbus quartet's perseverance may be their convergence of Type A personalities in a realm typified by flakiness.

"We were all band dads, which is kind of a rare thing," frontman Mike Finch said.

Since forming in 2005 through classified ads on Columbus music website Cringe.com, Ease the Medic has been a tireless force. Don't let the gap in their discography fool you; though the self-titled LP the band is releasing Saturday at Kobo is its first full-length since 2006's "Riot on the Gold Coast," few bands have been as industrious in the interim.

They put inordinate effort into songwriting. When every member has equal say, working out complex post-hardcore arrangements is painstaking. And when you exert that much effort on songs, you're going to make damn sure people hear them.

Thus, Ease the Medic will storm any stage, from Austin bars in the thick of South by Southwest to Chinese student events at Ohio State. Once, when a friend arrived too late to see them play in Michigan, they drove two hours to perform for him and his buddies after hours in a Lansing pub with no speakers.

The all-hands-on-deck campaign continues with this latest blast of angular angst, to be released on Finch's We Want Action label.

"So often bands do all this work and get a record out … and it's like, ah, we're done. Really it's the start," Finch said. "No one's heard it yet. No one knows it exists yet. We just want them to hear it. That's what it comes down to."


9 p.m. Saturday, Feb. 4

2590 N High St., Campus