Preview: Lock Up at Alrosa Villa

John Ross, Columbus Alive

Deathgrind is a subgenre of metal that fares well among those who want concert posters to bear images of bloody goat heads and phrases like "ex-Cannibal Corpse." Within that punishing and gory genre, Lock Up is a supergroup of sorts, combining members of Napalm Death, Pentagram and Cradle of Filth.

As if blended in a black cauldron, these metal shards combine for something especially ruthless on "Necropolis Transparent," a 2011 release that fans waited nine years to hear. Growling vocals and machinegun percussion tear through most of the album, which is notable for extreme tightness and blistering intensity.

Lock Up's first North American tour also brings Goatwhore and Strong Intention to Columbus.

Alrosa Villa

6 p.m. Tuesday, Feb. 14

5055 Sinclair Rd., North Side