Preview: Rusko at The Bluestone

John Ross, Columbus Alive

The dark, early dub coming from South London circa 1998 has since stretched and shattered in a thousand different directions - the morose minimalism of Burial, the pounding sensory circus of Skrillex, the bass-heavy globalism of Benga.

Awash in this schizophrenic sea of influences, Rusko has honed a unique, sought-after sound. The work of the British DJ and producer is energetic and accomplished - better for dancing than down-tempo contemporaries, more subtle than the brostep that endlessly slaps your face with distorted bass lines.

This week, prep by downloading a Rusko remix collection at On Saturday, bring your dancing shoes.

The Bluestone

583 E. Broad St., Downtown

8 p.m. Saturday, Feb. 18