Preview: Asher Roth at Skully's

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

Eventually, even Asher Roth has to grow up. But for now, even with youngsters like Mac Miller nipping at his heels, the Van Wilder of rap is still riding his “I Love College” rep.

At least he’s being inventive about it; he hits Skully’s on Friday on the #Final4Tour, with each concert tied to a major college basketball contest (ours is OSU-Wisconsin). And he seems to be maturing past mere keg-stand rap.

Roth’s comeback single “Last Man Standing” was as rigidly clunky as you’d expect from the “Madden ’12” soundtrack, but he struck out in a more satisfyingly grimy direction on “Common Knowledge,” the lead single from his “Pabst & Jazz” mixtape. Signing to Def Jam has been good for him.

Meechie Nelson, Cameron Grey, DJ Corrupt, J-Maxamil and Jaymo round out the lineup.

Skully's Music Diner

9 p.m. Friday, Feb. 24

1151 N. High St., Short North