Staff Pick: Young Prisms at Café Bourbon Street

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

Oh, shoegaze. You can be such a fickle mistress, but when you do it right you set my heart on fire and send chills down my spine.

Young Prisms get that. They aren’t pushing shoegaze forward, and not just because the genre’s name implies it might tumble over if you push it forward. Rather, the San Francisco group seems to appreciate all the glorious nuances of the woozy subgenre also known as “dreampop”; they recognize freshness often stems not from innovation but from execution, the latter of which forthcoming sophomore album “In Between” offers from front to back. Saturday, they’ll offer a sneak peak at Cafe Bourbon Street.

Photo credit: Natalie Tsui

Cafe Bourbon Street

9 p.m. Saturday, March 3

2216 Summit St., Campus