Jams of the Week: Jack White, Waka Flocka Flame, Gossip

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Columbus Alive

Jack White - "Sixteen Saltines"

This ferocious burner suggests Jack White isn't finished making monstrous rock music. His solo debut, "Blunderbuss," is coming April 24.

BONUS JAM: Delicate Steve - "Afria Talks to You"

Almost forgot to include this, so you get an extra jam this week. Do not sleep on it!

Waka Flocka Flame featuring Trey Songz - "I Don't Really Care"

After spending the entire winter on the fence about "Round of Applause," I am happy to hear a new Flocka track I can unequivocally endorse. Well, almost. I'm a little tired of hearing about throwing bills in the air at strip clubs. Maybe they could mix things up a little bit by throwing coins instead? I would listen to a song about Scrooge McDuck at a strip club. That would qualify as hard in the paint.

Lotus Plaza - "Strangers"

Lotus Plaza is Deerhunter guitarist Lockett Pundt, bearer of an extremely Southern name and the proclivity for echo-laden throwback indie guitar songs. (Consider exhibits A and B from Deerhunter's 2010 masterpiece "Halcyon Digest.") His new Lotus Plaza album, "Spooky Action at a Distance," comes out April 2 on Kranky.

Gossip - "Perfect World"

Beth Ditto goes full-on disco, which predictably (but enjoyably) sounds pretty much exactly like Lady Gaga. "A Joyful Noise" is coming this May.

El-P - "The Full Retard"

The legendary underground producer and label head is back with a banger built around words from late Columbus hip-hop icon Camu Tao. (Thanks for pointing that out, Wes.) El-P's own Def Jux label is more or less out of business, so he is releasing his new "Cancer for Cure" May 22 on Fat Possum.

Pond - "Fantastic Explosion of Time"

Forget that new Hives single. Those in search of psychedelic retro rock hedonism need to take a dip in "Fantastic Explosion of Time." Pond's album "Beard Wives Denim," apparently the album MGMT should have made instead of "Congratulations," is out now on Modular. (See also: "Mystery" and "Pond In a Park")

Action Bronson and Party Supplies - "Hookers at the Point"

It should go without saying that a video about crackhead prostitutes is NSFW, but: Don't watch this at the office. Definitely listen, though, as one of New York's rising underground stars gets his Ghostface on. This comes from his new mixtape with Fool's Gold producer Party Supplies, "Blue Chips."

Danny Brown - "Radio Song"

OK, I have to admit that when I saw Danny Brown between Das Racist and Odd Future last year at SXSW, not knowing who he was, I was all, "Get this wack weirdo off the stage! GOLFWANG!" But Brown's "XXX" knocked me on my ass and made Brown a household name in underground rap, so consider me converted. A year later, he looks set to dominate SXSW. This new clip for "Radio Song" coincides with the release of the deluxe "XXX" on iTunes.

Margot and the Nuclear So & So's - "Shannon"

Serious fuzz-rock action from the Indianapolis-turned-Chicago-turned-Indianapolis band featuring this city's own Erik Kang. "Rock Gut, Domestic" is out March 20 on the band's own Mariel Recording Company.

Balam Acab - "Just Stay"

Balam Acab (a.k.a. producer Alec Koone) did one of his first live performances ever last year in Columbus. It was not well-received. This, though? This is really pretty.