ComFest 2012: Best bands to see on Sunday

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive
The DewDroppers

The DewDroppers

12:20 p.m., Bozo Stage

Pinch those cheeks and snap those suspenders. It's time to dance. The DewDroppers' infectious keyboard-bopping combination of sock-hop pop and ragtime roll (which they go at with a reckless enthusiasm felicitous of rock stars) will keep you moving and leave you with Depression-era cartoons dancing innocent jigs in your head. -Jackie Mantey

Righteous Buck and the Skull Scorchers

2:05 p.m., Off Ramp Stage

Part grimy Delta blues and part rock 'n' roll, Righteous Buck and the Skull Scorchers is working man's music, perfect for breaking the kind of midday sweat that doesn't come from dancing. They're a good reason to stay hydrated on Sunday afternoon. -Brad Keefe

Bicentennial Bear

2:50 p.m. Sunday, Off Ramp Stage

Among my favorite ComFest memories is watching Billy Peake and Sean Sefcik's old band Miranda Sound barrel through breathless, sweaty music at the Off Ramp Stage on a Sunday night. Their new outfit, Bicentennial Bear, is marked for a slightly earlier hour, when their insistent, angular power pop might combine with scorching summer heat to burn the tent down. -Chris DeVille


4:05 p.m., Off Ramp Stage

It's not easy to pull off reggae/rock/rap a la Sublime. The members of Shrub have a true knack for it. Considering that their band is named after ganga, Shrub likely will inspire many new fans at ComFest. These party rockers of the weed world are guaranteed to deliver on the claim from the opener "We Wanna Smoke" on their 2010 debut album: "Want a good time? We give you what you want." -Heather Gross

The Girls!

7: 15 p.m., Off Ramp Stage

The Girls!'s garage rock (with a slightest dash of honky tonk) approach is instantly infectious. The catchy, quick riffs send a shimmy up your spine while the boozy lyrics ask you consider the subversive pathos. Topped off with the bravado of frontwoman Jessica Wabbit - who sounds a bit like everything from Brody Dalle to local darling Lydia Loveless, which isn't surprising considering Wabbit is Loveless' sister - the Off Ramp will close in appropriate fashion. -Jesse Tigges