Preview: Hot Times Tribute to Kate Schulte

Chris DeVille, Columbus Alive

The highlight of this year's Hot Times is sure to be a tribute to late civil rights attorney Kate Schulte, who died last year after decades of crusading for the underprivileged in Columbus. Schulte's practice in Olde Towne East focused on winning equality for blacks, women and the disabled, and she was a longtime volunteer at Hot Times.

Promo materials for the tribute sum up Schulte's legacy well: "As a major force in anti-discrimination suits against the city of Columbus, she would have been gratified to see the new female police chief. She has a tangible memorial in the curb ramps on every corner in the city. She was a warrior for justice."

The tribute features Jazz Poetry Ensemble, led by Schulte's husband Michael Vander Does, joined by two visiting jazz titans: New Orleans improv sax master Edward "Kidd" Jordan and D.D. Jackson, a wild pianist who does justice to Thelonious Monk.

The tribute goes down 4 p.m. Sunday; the fest runs all weekend.

Hot Times Festival

Friday-Sunday Sept. 7-9

240 Parsons Ave., Olde Towne East