Jams of the Week: Kanye's clique, Thom Yorke's Atoms For Peace and Hot Cheetos & Takis

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Columbus Alive

YN Rich Kids - "Hot Cheetos & Takis"

Genuinely great rap song disguised as a novelty rap song. Lord willing, none of these kids will end up like Chief Keef. They've already got him beat from a lyrical standpoint, anyhow. Canny commentary from my buddy Colin: "The raps are surprisingly complex. My favorite is 'On point like elbow, fingers red like Elmo, Mom asks if I've had enough, and I reply...no ma'am!' How can a 10-year-old produce a head fake rhyme? (The line should end in "Hell no," but his reply covers up for this rhythmically and thematically.)" How can a 10-year-old produce a head fake rhyme, indeed?

Atoms For Peace - "Default"

Atoms For Peace is the band featuring Thom Yorke, Radiohead producer Nigel Godrich, Flea and others, which sprung out of some performances surrounding Yorke's "The Eraser." Now they're a full-fledged band with an album coming out next year, which should be heartening news for anybody anticipating another four- or five-year gap between Radiohead LPs. Oh, and the song? Pure, unfiltered brilliance.

Kanye West featuring Big Sean & Jay-Z - "Clique"

More addictive dumbass party music from the upcoming G.O.O.D. Music album, "Cruel Summer." The fact that Big Sean is being included in this clique is highly questionable, to say the least.

FIDLAR - "Cheap Beer"

If you're feeling a distinct lack of balls-to-the-wall punk rock in this column, here you go. This new version of FIDLAR's long-circulating beverage anthem will appear on the L.A. band's 2013 album for Mom + Pop Records.

How To Dress Well - "& It Was U"

I've long mocked Tom Krell's ghostly R&B project as a pretentious vanity quest by an awkward academic. But it turns out I can vibe with Krell when he puts a skip in his step. His sophomore album "Total Loss" is coming Sept. 18 on Acéphale.

Nude Beach - "Radio"

More first-rate party-time rock from NYC janglers Nude Beach, whose album "II" just got re-released by Other Music Recording Company. They'll probably put on a great show Oct. 31 at Ace of Cups.

Rihanna featuring A$AP Rocky - "Cockiness (Remix)"

"Suck my cockiness"? "I want you to be my sex slave"? What ever happened to subtlety in pop music? Musically, this is sterling, though, and Rocky's verse ain't bad until that little soccer joke at the end. I did love Ri-Ri and Rocky's VMA performance, though the exultant "We Found Love" had more to do with it.

The Fresh & Onlys - "Presence of Mind"

The Bay Area garage rockers-turned-pop rockers have a new album, "Long, Slow Dance," out this week on Mexican Summer. This superb single is on it.

Tim Vocals featuring Fred Da Godson - "Trap Life (Remix)"

The most pleasant sounding song about shooting guns and dealing drugs I've ever encountered. This reworking of Michael Jackson's "Human Nature" hails from Tim Vocals' new mixtape "Live From Harlem."

The Orb feat. Lee "Scratch" Perry - "

A weird one to close out the week of Jams, featuring two legends from their respective genres. The Orb and Lee "Scratch" Perry's combined album "The Observer In the Star House" is out now on End Records.