Rewind: Art of Storytelling's Searius Add

Chris DeVille, Columbus Alive

Searius Add first made his name as a rapper, but in recent years he's jumped dreads-first into the world of spoken word. His Art of Storytelling series, "a marriage of live music and poetry," moves to Sidebar 122 this Sunday.

Best show I ever did: I did a weeklong set of features in Charlotte, North Carolina, with a company called Touch One Productions at this place called the Wine Up in the arts district in Charlotte. That was the catalyst for me to really go hard and focus on spoken word. The whole week there, the level of artistry that I saw and experienced, the level of reception that I got there, that was a groundbreaker, turning moment in my career as an artist.

Best show I ever saw: I saw this brother by the name of CP Maze. A lot of poets have a lot of passion, but his delivery, I believed it. It was a piece about being an ex-Marine and whatnot. It really says a lot because I'm a stoic type person. I'm pretty emotionally detached. But that delivery, I was like, that's pretty good. And also, the last AOS we did at the King Arts Center, our spotlight vocalist was named Keisha. And she did a combination of poetry and spoken word that's had the people talking nonstop for the last 60 days, to the point I'm actually bringing her back as a special guest this Sunday.

Worst show I ever did: One time at the old High Five, and no slight to the High Five at the time, but I had a DJ not show up, and we had a hip-hop concert going down. So we had to put the music on a CD player, and the artists had to push fast-forward to the next track. And on top of that, it was skipping.

Favorite place to perform: A guy by the name of Chris Wiley does an event called Poetry in Motion, and that's like a Dayton version of Art of Storytelling, and I love the crowd there. Love, love, love. They treat me like I'm Superman or something.

Photo by Eric Wagner

Sidebar 122

6 p.m. Sunday, Sept. 16

122 E. Main St., Downtown