Blueprint announces new album "Deleted Scenes"

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

Blueprint, a longstanding titan in Columbus hip-hop, has announced the release of a new album called "Deleted Scenes." The 15-track set compiles outtakes from the more than 70 songs 'Print wrote and recorded during the making of last year's Rhymesayers LP "Adventures In Counter-Culture." The new album will be released Oct. 16 through Blueprint's mostly dormant Weightless Recordings.

Blueprint's official statement on the project: "I wrote and recorded at least 75 songs for my last album, Adventures in Counter-Culture. Only 15 of those songs were chosen for the final tracklist. Many of the remaining songs were good (some very good), but weren't chosen for the album because their vibe or message didn't fit the overall theme that I was going for. I soon realized that although these songs didn't fit into what Adventures in Counter-Culture ultimately turned into, they still played a significant role in telling my story. After revisiting many of these songs, I came to the conclusion that the best of them should be heard by the people who support me to the fullest, so I took some time to fully produce these songs. The result is 'Deleted Scenes.'"

The album features guest spots from Columbus rappers Zero Star and Dominique Larue plus Terry Troutman of Dayton funk legends Zapp. And since "Deleted Scenes" is culled from the same sessions that birthed Blueprint's style-morphing opus "Adventures" - and since it features a song called "Packt Like" - consider this the "Amnesiac" to that album's "Kid A."


1. Starting Out

2. Takin' It

3. Get Right - Featuring Dominique Larue

4. The American Dream - Featuring Adoria

5. True Love - Featuring Angelica Lee

6. Body Movin'

7. Never Grow Old - featuring Angelica Lee

8. Bells & Whistles

9. The Mask

10. Bartenders - featuring Zero Star

11. Babies Got Guns

12. I Wanna Go - featuring Nina D

13. Senseless

14. Leave Me Alone - featuring Terry Troutman of Zapp

15. Packt Like