Preview: Zac Brown Band at Crew Stadium

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

Zac Brown’s resume is extensive: frat guy, camp counselor, label head, restaurateur, philanthropist, music student. But most of the many folks who know Brown know him as a hit-maker.

The Atlanta country star rose to prominence through hard work and sheer populist appeal. (Presumably our founding fathers had fried chicken, cold beer, comfortably fitting jeans and blaring stereos in mind when breaking the shackles of colonial tyranny.) Like ascendant Columbus duo Twenty One Pilots, Zac Brown Band built a sprawling bastion of fans in and around its hometown before linking with corporate dollars to make the leap to widespread success.

That success has been about as widespread as it gets for a country band barring a pop crossover. Since signing to Live Nation in 2008, the band has accumulated eight No. 1 country singles, a No. 1 debut album, two Grammys, a Zac Brown Band theme cruise and a stadium tour that brings it to Crew Stadium this Friday.

Crew Stadium

7 p.m. Friday, Sept. 28

1 Black and Gold Blvd., North Side