White Denim at A&R

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

Bonnaroo is probably the most old-fashioned of today’s great American music festivals, so it follows that something called the Bonnaroo365 Tour would bring our closest answer to the great American rock band to town. And when the great American rock band visits your town, you’d be wise to pay homage.

No group gets harder, faster and funkier at once than Austin garage gargantuan White Denim. Last year’s D presented a rambunctious but refined groove, further revealing the QFM classic rock was buried under untamed earlier works like the recently reissued and expanded Fits.

Plus, the excellent (yet extremely different) Maps & Atlases will be there too, performing math rock that throws a wrench in the whole “Bonnaroo gravitates toward good old fashioned rock ‘n’ roll” meme.

A&R Music Bar

7 p.m. Tuesday, Oct. 30

391 Neil Ave., Arena District