Listen to ice cream-inspired music by Jeni's employees

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

So, here's something that really happened: Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams commissioned a handful of its artsiest employees to write and record music inspired by the widely-praised Columbus company's exotic flavors. The 10 musicians (including members of Maza Blaska, The Weight of Whales, Human Cannonball and Sable Spurs) gathered at Oranjudio last year to record, then pressed the results to 12-inch vinyl, 500 limited edition copies in total. Three originals and a cover of The Byrds' "Eight Miles High."

Again, this is a real, historical sequence of events that occurred in time and space.

The record, entitled Flavors From Earth, has apparently been on sale at Jeni's stores since December, but they're throwing a release party for the thing Feb. 8 at Kobo. Until then, the music is on Spotify and iTunes. Listen below and drift away into sweet dreams. Much more info is available at Jeni's site, where you can order the LP and read about its backstory.