The Wailers at the LC

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

No Bob, no Bunny, no Peter Tosh — in fact, this version of the band doesn’t feature any of the original members that made The Wailers the best-known name in reggae. (Some guy named Koolant is now on lead vocals, SMH.)

The current lineup’s Aston “Family Man” Barrett did join up with Mr. Marley for the bulk of his career, though, including 1979’s Survival, which his newfangled band of youngsters will perform in full Friday. So there’s at least one thread back to those Legend-ary days to keep this glorified cover band somewhat authentic.

Show up early; explosive Columbus Hendrix disciple Willie Phoenix will open up the show with guitar theatrics honed through the decades.

LC Pavilion

7 p.m. Friday, Jan. 11

405 Neil Ave., Arena District