Jams of the Week: Bowie's back, Destiny's Child too, and Young Scooter can't wait

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This week the internet was so prolific that I had to cram some extra jams in here, and that's without a new Justin Timberlake single. Please spend your weekend enjoying this latest smattering of sounds.

David Bowie - "Where Are We Now"

David Bowie has been enjoying some well-deserved time away from the spotlight- a solid decade since his last album, to be exact- but the Thin White Duke is back in the public eye as of this week. Bowie used his 66th birthday as the occasion to announce a new Tony Visconti-produced album, The Next Day, coming March 12. He also dropped this exquisite ballad, which supposedly belies the rest of the record's upbeat clip. No matter the tempo, let's all just be happy to have new David Bowie music in the world.

Destiny's Child - "Nuclear"

Also making a grand return this week: Destiny's Child, who'll announced a greatest hits collection calledLove Songs due Jan. 29, a Super Bowl halftime show reunion and a new song called "Nuclear." Can't embed it, so head over to Pitchfork to hear it.

The Men - "Electric"

The Men, torch bearers for gutty classic rock revivalism in the garage punk sphere, contended for the best set of the weekend at Pitchfork Music Festival last summer, and their album Open Your Heart was a brilliant blast of rock 'n' roll. They have another one in the pipeline called New Moon, and this week they revealed the first single, a harmonically dense fist-pump burner appropriately entitled "Electric." Can't wait for March 5, when the record drops on Sacred Bones.

Iceage - "Coalition"

Speaking of impressive Pitchfork fest performers, even in the light of day Iceage was mighty frightening. Just think how terrifying and powerful they'll be in the darkat Ace of Cups this spring. On the other hand, "Coalition," the first single from Feb. 19's You're Nothing, is a little less disturbingly frantic than what we've come to expect from this bunch. Still intense, just a little closer to party time intense than embrace-your-doom intense.

Young Scooter feat. Trinidad James - "I Can't Wait"

Young Scooter hails from Future's Freebandz crew, and this first track I've heard from him suggests a spin through his recent Street Lottery mixtape is in order, not to mention next week's Freebandz group effort Future Presents F.B.G.: The Movie. Scooter gets the assist here from Trinidad James of "All Gold Everything" fame. All involved sound like they're having a lot of fun cracking the whip.

Foxygen - "San Francisco"

Some say Foxygen's "San Francisco" clip is the kind of brilliant introduction that music video-spawned breakout stardom used to be made of, and might still be. The song's a f---ing gem too, cruising along in a Kinks/latter-day MGMT record nerd weird-pop trance. The coy, catchy call-and-response chorus is my favorite musical moment of the year so far.

Carmen Villain - "Lifeissin"

Here's a different sort of blissout. Former model Carmen Villain and producer Emil Nikolaisen (of shoegazers Serena Maneesh) have conjured thesound of Cat Power riding to heaven on a beam of light. Her album Sleeper is coming March 12 on Smalltown Supersound.

King Louie - "My N----z"

Here's one of the most instantly likeable street rap tracks of early 2013 from Chicago drill music elder statesman (as much as a 26-year-old is an elder statesman compared to 17-year-olds) King Louie's Drilluminati mixtape.

Day Joy - "Go To Sleep, Mess"

Orlando's lush indie rock-meets-chamber pop combo Day Joy has an album called Go To Sleep, Mess coming Feb. 12 on Small Plates Records. The title track's video is as stirring as the (considerably stirring) music.

Camper Van Beethoven - "Someday Our Love Will Sell Us Out"

Camper Van Beethoven/Cracker frontman David Lowery stepped back into the cultural conversation in a big way last year with his written response to NPR intern Emily White's pro-piracy screed. (Lowery is both a musician and an economics professor, see.) So now seems like great timing for a new Camper album, and wouldn't you know it, La Costa Perdida is coming out Jan. 22 on 429 Records. "Someday Our Love Will Sell Us Out" is vaguely Eastern in melody but surely steeped in Lowery's "college rock" and Americana heritage.

Hilly Eye - "Jersey City"

The latest trickle from Amy Klein's post-Titus Andronicus combo shows an affinity for two definitively '90s subgenres, slowcore and riot grrl. It's rad. The record is called Reasons To Live, and it's out Jan. 22 on Don Giovanni.

Rockie Fresh - "Superman OG" feat. Lunice

"One of the freshest n----s they seen in a while/ Anybody that disagree is just deep in denial." Rockie plans to buy too many cars this year, and if all his tracks are this pleasing to the senses, he might just follow through on those plans. His Electric Highway mixtape is coming Jan. 21.

Guards - "Ready To Go"

I'm inherently suspicious of anybody who gets famous because one of their relatives is famous. Such seems to be the case for Guards, whose Richie Follin is the brother of Cults singer Madeline Follin. Thankfully, "Ready To Go" erases any fears of misplaced nepotism. That chorus scrapes the stars, mang. Is CD102.5 spinning this yet? In Guards We Trust will be out Feb. 5 on Black Bell.

Toro Y Moi - "Lyin (Pt. 1-4)"

This one isn't embeddable for some reason, but trust that following the link to Chaz Bundick's funk and R&B mini-odyssey will be worth your while. This is from a tour-only split 7-inch with Dog Bite, not Toro's excellent upcoming album Anything In Return.

Willow Smith - "Sugar and Spice"

True story: Will Smith's daughter, the girl responsible for "Whip My Hair," decided to pour her heart out over a piano loop from Radiohead's "Codex." And it's pretty great!