Bands to Watch 2013: Cadaver Dogs

Chris DeVille
Cadaver Dogs

The public's craving for this kind of brash, hedonistic, cartoonishly wild music is voracious enough to supply Cadaver Dogs with $10,000 through the fundraising site Kickstarter to record and release superloose.

"Not even hearing it, people believed in us enough to just shower us in money," fu-manchu'd singer-guitarist Mat Franklin said.

Cadaver Dogs didn't just stumble into all that generosity. Behind all the wanton debauchery is one of the hardest working bands in rock. They've spent the last two years touring rampantly, encompassing everything from raging house parties to a West Coast jaunt with major-label glam rockers Foxy Shazam. The Dogs' dedication to their rock 'n' roll dream is so fierce that Franklin got superloose tattooed below his beltline for the album cover.

Franklin, Vegas and bassist Cole Walsh-Davis went full YOLO after years slaving away at more high-concept projects. Their former band, the Oxford-based Look Afraid, never gained this much traction.

"It was the most natural possible thing to do," Franklin said. "It just came together so effortlessly. It just felt completely comfortable... Everything we've done before and other people we know, they've tried so hard to make one specific sound. We never even said, 'Let's sound like this.' It's just what happened. And then you become really comfortable with it, and it just grows on you, and you're just infected. And the next thing you know, you're covered in hair and have a giant mustache."

Like that mustache, Cadaver Dogs is flourishing. The group is hitting the road indefinitely, set to bring superloose to the masses. As Franklin puts it, "2013's just going to be the dirtiest year of our lives."

Cadaver Dogs