Listen: King Vada - "BiPolar Tomorrow"

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

Not sure why anyone would name their hip-hop production crew The Only Ones Left; kind of a "last kid picked for the pickup game" vibe to it, no? But they certainly provided Columbus MC/Stalley associate King Vada with a nice melancholy/mechanistic beat to show off the dazed droning flow he's been rocking lately. "BiPolar Tomorrow" starts inconspicuously but gradually sinks its teeth in, and by the end you're nodding along, fully submerged in Vada's headspace and humming along with a sing-songy hook that's almost twee.

It's the lead single from Vada's next major project, Murder, set to drop later this month. In the meantime, enjoy his Preludes to a Murder EP, and read my recent interview with Vada.