Concert preview: It doesn't matter what you call Absu, it's still pummeling

Chris DeVille, Columbus Alive

Extreme metal comes in many forms and sub-forms, and Dallas veterans Absu have tried most of them on for size. But it really doesn't much matter if you call their music death metal, black metal or "Mythological Occult Metal" as long as you understand how brutally hellish it sounds.

As captured on 2011's Abzu, it's scary stuff, the kind where you can't tell whether that's a demon or a dragon breathing fire in your general direction. Double kicks, demonic rasps and thrashing hyperspeed power chords are the order of the day. The record peaks with the wonderfully named "Ontologically, It Became Time and Space," only to peak again with the multi-segmented 14-minute slaughter "Song for EA."

Tuesday, they'll pummel souls and senses with local mainstays Locusta and Prosanctus Inferi.

Ace of Cups

9 p.m. Tuesday, April 16

2619 N. High St., Campus