Locals: Illogic and Blockhead team up for Capture The Sun

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Naturally, as artists age, the outer responsibilities of life begin to set in and the window of wild, whimsical creativity and carefree consciousness start to diminish.

A time of refection inevitably sets in once the bulk of an emcee's best work is behind him or her and he is scrambling to accompany new trends that truly don't speak to his core.

Illogic and Blockhead are two who have music careers spanning well past a decade but each still has more to offer, combining reflection with "rebirth."

Columbus' Illogic has been a father and husband for more than 11 years, but in the last few he's seen his life and aspirations in a different light.

"The last three to five years I've really matured as a man just being a husband and father and really understanding what that means," Illogic said. "This album is really kind of a testament to never letting my dream of doing music die."

Manhattan's Blockhead has experienced a similar rebirth. Blockhead watched his role as a producer change over the last few years. Working less with rappers and more on instrumental albums, Block decided to go back to his hip-hop roots. Illogic's email to the Aesop Rock producer seeking collaboration was only a coincidence but couldn't have come at a more perfect time.

"I kind of took a vacation from working with rappers, not that I really wanted to; it was just outside of Aesop I really wasn't working with anyone, and I focused a lot more on my instrumental stuff," Blockhead said. "It's almost like a rebirth of sorts because it's what I came into this doing."

Timing also heavily reflects the happenings in Illogic's life as well. Next week's release of the album comes only weeks after he lost the project's inspirational figure, mixing personal hardships with a musical tribute.

"My grandmother passed away a few weeks ago, and the album is dedicated to her," he said. "My grandmother has always been someone who has gone after her dreams and she encouraged all of her children and grandchildren to do the same."

Capture The Sun will be Illogic's first album release in nearly half a decade. Rebirth will certainly come to the forefront on April 16, following the inspirational legacy his grandmother left for him to adopt.

"I've taken, like, five years off between records, so it is kind of like a rebirth for me and kind of a statement that I'm still here and I'm still going hard and still going forward."

Illogic and Blockhead:Capture The Sun

Releases April 16 via Man Bites Dog Records

On Twitter: @Illogic614; @BlockHeadNYC

On the web: illogistics.net; phatfriend.com