Quiz: What popular local summer festival would you enjoy the most?

Jackie Mantey, Columbus Alive

(Other than Comfest. Everyone goes to Comfest.)

1. What do you wear with your sandals?

a.) Socks.

b.) Whatever Toms sells with them.

c.) I never wear sandals. Not conducive to spontaneous moshing.

d.) Is this a trick question? I just wear the sandals.

2. Complete this sentence: Columbus' local music is __________.

a.) Wonderful! We love the Columbus Symphony.

b.) Underrated.

c.) Pretentious hipster garbage.

d.) Tits, bro!

3. When was the last time you wore hair gel?

a.) An anti-fracking protest rally.

b.) Halloween.

c.) Just popped some onto my soul patch, actually.

d.) Today.

4. What is your favorite color?

a.) Alizarin crimson.

b.) All of them. None of them. Does it matter?

c.) Black.

d.) Scarlet and grey.

5. What do you do with your Comfest mugs after Comfest?

a.) Oh, we don't get mugs. We go for the food trucks and lovely spoken word performances.

b.) Save them for next year.

c.) Smash them.

d.) Use them for beer pong emergencies.

Mostly A: Columbus Arts Festival

Don't forget to stash your sunscreen in your fanny pack.

Mostly B: Independents' Day

Most likely to have been in marching band. You probably think this quiz is stupid.

Mostly C: Rock on the Range

Where it's totally acceptable to wear the T-shirt of the band that's actually playing that day.

Mostly D: Park Street Festival

Most likely to have been in Greek life. You also probably think this quiz is stupid.