Staff Pick: Look beyond Stepdad's image and try not to be converted

Chris DeVille, Columbus Alive

At a certain point, American pop culture became obsessed with irony to the point that certain bands crossed the threshold into (to paraphrase Columbus rock don Ron House) all wink, no substance.

When you encounter an obese bearded man in spandex and sunglasses singing, "She wants to comment on my leather, and my fur, and my nails" over surging synth bass and bubbly keyboard melodies, you might excusably jump to that conclusion.

And while I wouldn't blame anyone for being repulsed by Stepdad's sheer "Tim and Eric"-style awkwardness, just listen to the wonderful Wildlife Pop and try not to be converted. Barring that, just catch its absurd live show at Scarlet & Grey this Thursday.

Scarlet & Grey Cafe

7 p.m. Thursday, April 25

2203 N. High St., Campus