Concert preview: Dayton greats Swearing at Motorists make rare Columbus appearance

Chris DeVille, Columbus Alive

For a band that ostensibly only includes two people, Swearing at Motorists' Wiki has a "former members" section lengthy enough to contend with fellow Dayton indie greats Guided by Voices. (They overlap in more than a few places.) But when the group makes a rare Columbus appearance Monday, it'll just be Dave Doughman and original drummer Don Thrasher scraping through rock songs powerful enough to fill humongous rooms but silly/sad enough for small spaces like Tree Bar.

Rounding out a tremendous bill is Connections, another scrappy pop band with roots tangled in that Dayton scene, and Winter Makes Sailors, a group worth showing up early for. (And you must; music starts at 9 sharp.)

The Tree Bar

9 p.m. Monday, May 13

887 Chambers Rd., Grandview