Concert preview: Meek Mill brings brash livewire flow to Long Street

Chris DeVille, Columbus Alive

Rick Ross is the leader of Maybach Music Group, but that didn't stop spazz lieutenant Meek Mill from calling himself a boss or marking himself as LeBron James to Rozay's Dwyane Wade. The man is not shy.

He doesn't sound shy. Meek's voice is a siren even at whisper volume, a blaring, braying, balloon-inhaling livewire that lights tracks on fire even when Big Sean is around to extinguish. Whether shouting out all the pretty ladies at church or plotting revenge on the man who murdered his father, he gives 210 percent.

On the intro to last year's Dreams and Nightmares, he shifts gears from wide-eyed Christmas morning enthusiasm to wider-eyed Halloween night histrionics. When he borrows Kirko Bangz' Auto-Tune on "Young & Gettin' It," circuits short and sparks fly. It's unclear whether he recognizes the irony of calling himself "Meek."

Stay close to the fire exits Friday at Long Street District; you never know when this guy might go up in flames.

Long Street District

10 p.m. Friday, May 10

40 E. Long St., Downtown