The List: 10 bands that should play Rock on the Range

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

With Columbus’ only major music festival skewing to hard rock, we sometimes get a little envy of some of the rare performances and reunions other festivals get (e.g. Blur at Coachella). Here’s a dream lineup that fits right in Rock on the Range’s musical range.

10. System of a Down

Frontman Serj Tankian has played ROTR, but we’d love to see his original band in Columbus. System of a Down has been quiet for years, but they’re playing a lone North American date in Los Angeles this summer.

9. White Zombie

Sure, Rob Zombie is still churning out his particular brand of horror-obsessed disco metal, but we want to see the original lineup reunite for the first time in 15 years, dammit!

8. Black Sabbath

How many bands that have played ROTR have been influenced by Sabbath? Pretty much all of the good ones.

7. Rage Against the Machine

With all the ’90s-centric acts dotting this year’s lineup, none of them would do a better job of tearing down Crew Stadium than Rage.

6. Faith No More

The mostly reunited Faith No More has played a handful of dates and festivals in Europe and South America, but nothing in the U.S. The between-song banter of Mike Patton would be worth the price of admission alone.

5. GunsN Roses

Look, we don’t want to see Axl Rose flail around with a bunch of hired guns any more than you do, but a full “Appetite for Destruction”-era reunion? Paradise City.

4. The Flaming Lips covering "Master of Puppets"

Hey, Wayne Coyne and company know how to bring weirdness to a festival setting, and given their propensity for covering entire albums (Pink Floyd’s “Dark Side of the Moon,” King Crimson, The Stone Roses), we want to hear them take on Metallica’s thrash classic.

3. Slayer

The recent death of founding guitarist Jeff Hanneman has left a Slayer-sized hole in our hearts, but Slayer could still rain blood on Columbus.

2. Nine Inch Nails

Trent Reznor is returning Nine Inch Nails from its slumber with a slew of festival dates in 2013. It’s a damn shame that ROTR isn’t one of them, as NIN still puts on one of the best live shows around.

1. Tool

Maynard Keenan played ROTR with A Perfect Circle, but Tool at the festival would be a perfect fit — especially since those visually spectacular live Tool shows have become a rare treat in recent years.