Kenny Lectro's color-themed dance parties becoming big hit

Justin McIntosh, Columbus Alive

This year is, Kenny Lectro declares, the year of pants. And why shouldn't they be? Pants changed his life. Specifically, these silver metallic pants he's wearing now.

Prior to this year, Kenny mostly owned T-shirts and blue jeans, going along with that middle-of-the-road American mentality of not standing out. And then everything changed. He bought silver pants.

"Literally, I've wanted these pants since I saw Billy Corgan wear them in the 'Bullet with Butterfly Wings' video," he says. "I said, 'One day I'll own those,' and now I'm living the dream."

The pants have been liberating, he says, as in, it's OK to follow his passions, particularly music, which he's always wanted to make a career out of.

That's happening now, through deejaying for non-profit radio station WCRS, 98.3 or 102.1 FM, but also through his Monochromatic Monthly dance parties at Brothers Drake Meadery.

At the dances, Kenny selects a color - say, silver - that everyone else then must wear, too. If a dancer came unprepared, he provides colored props and clothes.

"As soon as I give someone a prop … instantly they're into it," he says. "It's amazing."

The end result is a communal dance party where everyone is equal. On stage is Kenny Lectro, mixer of the hits (which range from disco to funk, pop to hip-hop, '90s jams to minimal techno); wearer of the pants (and other assorted costumes); and wildly entertaining dancer. But he's not alone.

"There is this dichotomy in my mind of me on stage, and sometimes that can seem larger than life," he says, "but really at heart I want to be dancing on the floor with people. It's really that chance for us all to be on that same wavelength."

The idea, he says, is not for his stage presence to become a distraction; it's to act as the party starter.

"When I deejay up there, I have people dance on stage with me," he says. "We're all wearing silver or yellow or whatever we're wearing. … And when you just go a little bit beyond, everything can open up.

"My ultimate goal, and why I became a DJ, is because I want people to be dancing and listening to music out somewhere that makes them happy; that's my ultimate goal."

For Kenny Lectro, at least, mission accomplished.

Brothers Drake Meadery

10 p.m. Saturday, May 18

26 E. 5th Ave., Short North

Monochromatic Monthly schedule

May 18 - Silver

June 29 - Yellow

July 27 - Hot pink

Aug. 10 - Neon green

Sept. 28 - Purple

Oct. 26 - Gold

Nov. 30 - Orange

Dec. 28 - Teal