Staff Pick: The Stepkids appeal to cratediggers and All Good crowd

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

Austin’s annual SXSW is supposed to be about discovering new music, but usually it devolves into a race to see all the bands everyone is already buzzing about.

Still, at least a few times I’ve stumbled upon something special without knowing a thing about it beforehand. The Stepkids was one of my favorites.

Dressed in all white so as to become part of the backdrop for their hallucinatory projections, the psychedelic soul combo threaded the atmosphere with dank, blissed-out music that will appeal to cratediggers but also would work at All Good.

The jam-centric festival is sponsoring The Stepkids’ gig Saturday at Woodlands as a preview of July’s main event; perhaps it will also be a preview of Troubadour, the band’s next album?

Woodlands Tavern

8 p.m. Saturday, May 18

1200 W. Third Ave., Grandview