Concert previews: An Evening with The Avett Brothers

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

Perseverance is key for many roots rock bands, especially in a modern musical landscape that caters predominantly to the ever-growing electronic and experimental music scenes.

It takes young and nimble artists, such as North Carolina’s Avett Brothers, to reinvigorate the roots rock genre.

Fronted by brothers Scott and Seth Avett, the sound created with their ensemble of grassroots musicians is profound and resonant, forming a sense of eeriness as well.

The Avetts’ lyrics are strikingly personal, and the texture is fairly standard to folk and easy on the ears, so don’t expect anything sonically groundbreaking or “jammy.”

This ultimately proves to be one of their most endearing qualities, sure to perpetuate an atmosphere full of sing-a-longs and camaraderie at the LC.

LC Pavilion

6:30 p.m. Saturday, May 25

405 Neil Ave., Arena District