Seventh Son Brewing Co. to host new local music event 4th & 4th Fest

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Columbus Alive

A few weeks back, Seventh Son Brewing Co. and Ohio Culture Works announced a music, comedy and community event called 4th & 4th Fest to be held in the upstart Italian Village brewpub's parking lot (at the corner of 4th Street and 4th Avenue, ya see) on Saturday, July 6. Today, additions to the lineup came out, which seems like a good occasion to finally post something about it.

Headlining will be Death of Samantha, which is neck-and-neck with The Mice as Cleveland's most influential underground rock band of the '80s. The rest of the lineup is a killer compendium of bands Columbus and around Ohio, topped off by Dan Auerbach protege Jessica Lea Mayfield, upstart indie rockersConnections (fresh off dates with The Breeders) and Cleveland noisemakers OBNOX(a.k.a Bim Thomas of Bassholes/This Moment In Black History/The Unholy Two). Check the impressive full lineup below. Also on tap: Comedy from Justin Golak, Laura Sanders and Sumukh Torgalkar, balloon animals by Dr. Silverfoot, an adult spelling bee, a karaoke contest with celebrity judges and more. Admission is $5. RSVP here.

A lot of events get pegged as "the new ComFest," including Surly Girl/Columbus Music Co-op's dearly departed Parking Lot Blowout, which used to go down around the same time as this. But if anything, I'd call 4th & 4th Fest the Anti-ComFest. It represents an important segment of the creative community, a decidedly punk and garage rock segment that's well-represented in the history books but not so much at ComFest anymore - the Used Kids side of the scene, if you will. That demographic was well-served by 2006-2011's Parking Lot Blowout and, to a lesser extent, 2011-2012's exciting but too-big-for-its-britches Megacity Music Marathon, which 4th & 4th organizer Bobby Miller used to book when he worked for PBR. This new event feels like a great middle ground between those two. I hope it lives on.

4th & 4th Fest music lineup:

Death of Samantha (Cleveland)

Jessica Lea Mayfield (Akron)

U.S. Girls (Toronto)

OBNOX (Cleveland)



The Unholy Two

Andrew Graham + Swarming Branch

Tree of Snakes

Good Company


Sega Genocide

American Jobs

DJ Barticus (Athens)