Alive's handpicked Saturday ComFest schedule

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Brujas del Sol

Brujas del Sol

1 p.m. Saturday, Offramp Stage

A boozy headspace is best soaked up with a little sprinkling of fuzzed-out psychedelia, surf-rock and drone-y guitar compositions. The rhythmic repetitions still my mind. It might be early in the afternoon to be that boozy, but that's a problem easily fixed. -Justin McIntosh

Sleep Fleet

4 p.m. Saturday, Offramp Stage

Exuberance, '90s style. Sleep Fleet's ballistic live show will pump your lungs full of air, your heart full of adrenaline and your brain full of melody. -Chris DeVille

Post Coma Network

4:45 p.m. Saturday, Offramp Stage

"Queen of the Nightlife," Post Coma Network's hit single on CD102.5, has been on every playlist I've had for more than two years. This group has never played ComFest before - even though they're a perfect fit. I'm really excited about this one, and I kind of hope they wear the shark costumes I made for them last year. -Meghan Ralston

The Girls!

5:30 p.m. Saturday, Offramp Stage

I recommend you see this band anywhere (frontwoman Jessica Wabbit is a bad bitch on stage and I wuv it), but its appearance at happy hour time on the most fun day of Comfest is so perfect. If anyone can get a party started right, it's The Girls! -Jackie Mantey

Cadaver Dogs

9:15 p.m. Saturday, Offramp Stage

I don't know if you'll find drugs at ComFest (cough-cough), but Cadaver Dogs will be dealing plenty of sex and rock 'n' roll. If you don't end your Saturday here, you don't know how to party, and if you don't know how to party, you don't want to come to a Cadaver Dogs show. - Brad Keefe

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