Concert preview: Nude Beach brings summery power-pop jangle to Ace of Cups

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

Because Elvis Costello stays busy making adult contemporary records these days, we need Nude Beach to make new Elvis Costello records. Fortunately, the Brooklyn combo was up to the task with II Those mourning Tom Petty’s recent blues-rock excursion might also find solace, as will anybody who can namedrop 10 power-pop bands The Exploding Hearts cribbed from but never got to see them in concert

You want a summer record? Here’s your summer record. It evokes images not of naked coastline sunbathers butbarbecues, skateboard tricks and aimless cruising — brews, bros, the whole ordeal. It jangles so magnificently that you’ll forget you ever cared about Girls (the band, not the show, and certainly not the gender, but yeah probably also the show), so entranced will you be by these snapshots run through the power-pop filter.

“What Can Ya Do,” the new single, suggests they haven’t run out of enthusiasm or ideas yet, so Monday at Ace of Cups will be fun. Nato Coles, Rational Anthem and Pretty Pretty round out bill.

Ace of Cups

8 p.m. Monday, July 1

2619 N. High St., Campus