Locals: P. Blackk prepares for One, new outlook on life

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Columbus emcee P. Blackk’s latest project, One, isthe first in a series of musical releases the recent CCAD grad has planned. Its success will also dictate his future musical endeavors.

The Baltimore native-turned Columbus hip-hop prodigy will release the EP on July 1, the first of numerous short musical compositions meant to capture his mood and creativity as it happens. Right now, that means embracing his wide-open future.

On the project’s opening track, the 22-year-old Blackk raps, “Nothing before this exists ’cause I’m creating the world I want to live in.”

“I definitely want to change the perception of what a rapper is, what an artist is,” Blackk said during a recent interview. “I want to push the envelope with music as much as I can without losing sight of myself.”

Blackk’s life has already changed a lot from a year ago, or even since his last musical release, Contemporary Nostalgia, which came out in December. graduation from college has benefited him in numerous ways, from freeing him to focus on his music to providing a foundation of creativity that’s blossoming in all aspects of his musical career.

“Senior year was just really tough; I had to kind of take a step back from music and just didn’t have time to work on anything. And it was kind of draining creatively too,” he said. “Now that I’m done, I’ve just been in a great place creatively.

“I’ve definitely tried to take a lot of the stuff I’ve learned at school and apply it to my music,” he continued. “With producing I like to lay down rough recordings and just try to take it step by step — just like I do with my art.”

Blackk now produces most of his most recent records and creates most of his own album artwork. One, along with the other numerical EPs, will be fully produced byBlackk. Currently, plans to release at least four of these projects leading up to his next fully composed album, Blackk is Beautiful.

“I’ve been doing the production, the mixing, the mastering, the recording, obviously the artwork; I’ve just been trying to handle it all. It’s a new step in my life,” he said.

That’s a big change since his debut release, Chicken & Waffles, in 2010. But no matter how different things are now, Blackk said he’s always been the same person: a young man wanting to change the world of his peers.

“I don’t think my heart has changed at all, I definitely have gotten a lot more mature and faced a lot more hardships,” he said. “I know that sounds cliché and corny but it’s true.”

Photo by Meghan Ralston

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