Staff Pick: Judson Claiborne channels Beck's weathered croon and chameleonic tendencies

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Columbus Alive

“Neo Pagan Lovesong,” the lead single from Olympia-based Judson Claiborne’s new We Have Not Doors You Need Not Keys, is smooth and luxuriant yet slightly off-kilter, not unlike Ariel Pink’s breakout hit “Round and Round.” The album’s cacophonous lead track, “Criminal Makeup,” is like a gnarlier version of Spoon.

But if Claiborne’s music resembles anybody, it’s Beck, both for the weathered croon and the chameleonic tendencies. These songs are deep — deep enough to plumb for days, deep enough for their creator(s) to hide inside and keep up the mystique. There is no Judson Claiborne, after all; it’s just a band name created by Christopher Salveter and Ryan Boyles.

Their record’s a winner, and their show Saturday at Double Happiness probably will be too. Whale Honey, Nick Jaina and Borracho round out the bill.

Sarah Wilmers photo

Double Happiness

7 p.m. Saturday, July 27

482 S. Front St., Brewery District