Locals: PATH eyes post-Pathos EP success after classic show at Carabar

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Jared Young, also known as PATH (Producing All The Hits) is a prototypical High Street kid.

Running around the streets of Ohio State’s campus during the early days of high school, he learned Columbus’ hip-hop culture in the most organic way possible — meeting artists face-to-face.But to understand Young’s love for hip-hop and Columbus’ staple cultural thoroughfare one would have to comprehend where he came from.

PATH’s childhood inhibited all the traditional signs of a young, rebellious kid, one who found refuge in hip-hop.

“My parents got divorced and my grandpa took m to Best Buy to buy me some Nas albums, and I just kind of fell in love with hip-hop,” Young said. “In high school, me and my friends would come to campus and we’d buy a bag of weed and just smoke and skate down High Street and buy records and listen to rap music and would just get my face familiar around town.”

The High Street scene also provided Young with a perspective of how to be a musician and who Columbus’ best were.

“Being a freshman in high school, going to Bernie’s and sneaking in and being super underage and drinking beer in the back, I would see a lot of these artists perform around town… I was 13 or 14 and I was really getting into hip-hop and as cliché as it sounds but I was that rebellious kid.”

At the beginning of college, Young began spending a considerable amount of time at Carabar and it was there where he would eventually become employed and expand his music networking web.

Now, PATH is preparing for the release of his latest project, Pathos EP, a culmination of everything he’s experienced in the past and everything he hopes for in the future.

“The last year or so I’ve kind of been trying to get my s--- together with school,” he said. “I am really trying to make a fun, end-of-the-summer record. It’s very celebratory just because I have a lot of accomplishments coming up that are worth celebrating.”

Young returns to Carabar appropriately for his release show a week from Friday, starting a new chapter in the 23-yearold’s life.

“The plan now is definitely to keep focused and keep working hard. I’m definitely thinking of my five-year plan,” Young saidI want to do something on a more global scale.”

Photo by Meghan Ralston


9 p.m. Friday, Aug. 9

115 Parsons Ave., Olde Towne East

Twitter: @PATH614