Concert preview: Homeboy Sandman

Chris DeVille, Columbus Alive

Queens rapper Angel Del Villar II, better known as Homeboy Sandman, gradually built himself some healthy underground success these last five years with an easygoing everyman approach that veers far from money/women/drugs clichés without stumbling into self-righteousness. Last year's First of a Living Breed on Stones Throw was a fine example of how to do jazzy conscious rap without being obnoxious.

Case in point, "Not Really" with its refrain, "When people asked me if my life changed, here's what I might say: Not really," could have easily devolved into a #humblebrag or more-money-more-problems ingratitude. But Homeboy's approach - acknowledging that it's only about 10 feet from the front row to the stage and that he still eats leftovers and doesn't get any more sex than he used to - scans as genuine talent humility and common sense

Sunday at Double Happiness, he'll be joined by Open Mike Eagle, Random a.k.a. Mega Ran, Armond, DJ O Sharp and DJ Pos 2 on the Dear Hunter Tour.

Double Happiness

8 p.m. Sunday, Aug. 11

482 S. Front St., Brewery District