Concert preview: Stellar lineup awaits at final Alive Summer Music Tour

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Columbus Alive

Alive Summer Music Tour, Alive’s monthly summer concert series, wraps up with an incredible lineup of Columbus musicians Friday at Woodlands Tavern. Before country-rock breakout star Lydia Loveless headlines, enjoy sets from refracted old-time rockers Andrew Graham & Swarming Branch, melodic indie-rock throttlers Sega Genocide and mercurial singer-songwriter Hebdo.

While you’re at it, swig on some OYO liquors from lead sponsor Middle West Spirits, whose signature cocktail (along with your $5 cover charge) will help support Music Loves Ohio, a local charity that helps Ohio students discover music.

To get you primed for the show, here’s more about Friday’s incredible performers.

Lydia Loveless

Since kicking out revelatory sophomore LP Indestructible Machine in 2011, the city’s reigning country-rock queen has taken the gospel of Loveless from coast to coast several times over, zipped over to Europe for a spelland even blazedacross Canada for good measure. Her next album, set for release in 2014, might just push her from barrooms to concert halls; it seems reasonable to think she won’t be playing $5 concerts forever, so get thee to Woodlands while the getting’s good.

Andrew Graham & Swarming Branch

With Classic Glass, his second albumunder the Swarming Branch guisepost-punk beatnikAndrew Graham attempted a “warped and twisted” take on classic rock. As if this guy could ever come up with something straightlaced. Graham and his cohortskicked out a triumphant, unmistakable collection steeped in whimsy and common sense deployed in hyperactive skitters and world-weary warblesHe boxed up his aura and broadcast it via Bandcamp. Friday, he’ll bring it to the Woodlands stage with Swarming Branch’s latest incarnation.

Sega Genocide

From a songwriting perspective, Sega Genocide makes it look so easy. If everybody could slap a few notes a few chords and come up with infectiousguitar-pop exuberance, we all would. As it stands, these guys and gal might be the best in town at that particular game — partially because from a performance perspective, they make it look so hard. This band’s live show is Herculean, the sight of four humans bashing their instruments with every ounce of grueling, grimacing force in their being. It’s one of the great Columbus live music experiences of right now, and you can experience it Friday.


Joey Hebdo’s transformation — still in progress, always in progress — feels especially natural, as if he’s always discovering new facets of himself without betraying where he’s been. On A Thousand Steeples, the first of two EPs he’ll release this year, the mercurial singer-songwriter stretches far beyond his reggae-rock days and deeper into the studio-rat folk-pop that made solo debut Prosciutto so appealing — all the way through the looking glass The man and his drum will kick off Friday’s show.

Woodlands Tavern

8 p.m. Friday, Aug. 16

1200 W. 3rd Ave., Grandview