Staff Pick: Diarrhea Planet generating buzz despite crappy band name

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

Clouds are gathering for a sweat storm Thursday at the Basement. Or is that a s---storm? When a band called Diarrhea Planet, who can be sure?

The Nashville combo, which counts Titus Andronicus among its friends and Limp Bizkit(?) among its fans, plays the kind of Ramones-derived, power-popped party punk that gets young misanthropes all riled up. The blustery bunch arrives in Columbus just five days before its tremendous new I’m Rich Beyond Your Wildest Dreams hits the streets.

Joining the poop squad will be Brooklyn scene staples The So So Glos, also tight with Titus. (What Fred Durst thinks, we’re not sure.) The band’s latest, Blowout, charts a complementary course through pop-punk history, strapping melodies to rockets and launching them straight at the beer-swigging masses. Expect to lose your marbles within the first minute of lead track “Son of an American.”

As if this bill wasn’t strong enough, the local support is Bummers, one of the best new Columbus bands going. Show up early.

The Basement

7 p.m. Thursday, Aug. 15

391 Neil Ave., Arena District