Staff Pick: KEN mode's existential power struggle set to wildly violent music is aces

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

KEN mode vocalist Jesse Matthewson screams, “No! I’m in control!” like he’s trying to convince himself, you and maybe God, whose promises Matthewson calls into question a few tracks later. As documented on the Winnipeg trio’s recent Entrench, it’s an existential power struggle set to wildly violent music.

Of course, there’s also a song called “Secret Vasectomy” whose video features children maniacally scribbling with crayons, so the ascendant metal/hardcore hybrid isn’t entirely yuk-free.

After myriad primo opening slots, they’ll return to Columbus to headline Kobo this Sunday alongside Rosetta, Lo-Pan and The Black Antler. Chyea, it’s gonna be a good one.


6 p.m. Sunday, Aug. 18

2590 N. High St., Campus