Concert preview: Adam Ant's upcoming LC show should be more than a nostalgia exercise

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

The early ’80s might as well be a black hole where my music knowledge is concerned, so it’s possible I never listened to an Adam Ant song before cuing up “Prince Charming” on YouTube this week. But if stuff that odd was hitting No. 1 back then, I obviously have some catching up to do.

Ant, the glammy New Wave icon born Stuart Goddard,came up under Sex Pistols mentor Malcolm McLaren and once had eight singles in the British top 50 at one time. He was a superstar; he was a freak.

He’s back, looking not unlike Captain Jack Sparrow, hawking a new single called “Cool Zombie” that sounds like an especially flamboyantPrimal Scream track during one of that band’s Southern rock phases, with a dash of Oasis for good measure.

It’s actually a hell of a comeback single, and it suggests his show Monday at the LC with Prima Donna might be worthwhile as more than just a nostalgia exercise.

LC Pavilion

7 p.m. Monday, Aug. 26

405 Neil Ave., Arena District